Infinite Life and its trained team of physicians and staff assist our patients on the road to recovery and achievement of optimal overall health. We are a multi-disciplinary practice that uses a combination of traditional medical physicians and trained naturopathic doctors as well as chiropractic physicians in order to best heal and treat our patients. We specialize in general medicine as well as physical therapy in order to get the patient chemically balanced and physically feeling good. We also specialize in weight loss, non-surgical treatment of pain and chronic conditions as well as cosmetic procedures.

The physicians at Infinite Life use a combination of traditional medications and procedures in conjunction with vitamins, supplements, and herbs to restore the body to health. This is accomplished by educating our patients on issues that are affecting them which could include; nutrition, physical health and holistic and cosmetic procedures.

Infinite Life employs only the highest trained medical professionals to ensure that our services can achieve your goals. Whether you need short term treatment for sprain/strain or post-surgical rehabilitation, or just not feeling like yourself you can depend on us.

The physicians provide different services like B-12 injections, Hormone Therapy, Botox injections and Acupuncture. We have Physician Assistants who provide patients with different types of exams like wellness, physical and school. At Infinite Life we cover it all.

We accept most insurances and can arrange financial solutions to make care affordable to all patients. Please come in to have a FREE consultation and to understand what services can be used to make you feel and look great.